Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jessica, the owner of the paper planner shop Kiddy Qualia.

What does “Kiddy Qualia” mean?

Qualia is a term in philosophy of mind that refers to our subjective sensations. There is “something it is like” for you to see the color green and something else it is like to see the color pink, or hear a drum, or feel tree bark. There is also something it is like to feel angry, hopeful, depressed, affectionate, determined, and so on. One instance of a subjective sensation of this kind is a “quale,” and many are “qualia.”

Kiddy Qualia, then, are what it is like to have the subjective experiences of a child, or to feel and perceive with a child-like mind. The idea is that what it is like to see a rainbow, for example, feels differently to an amazed child seeing one for the first time, to a bored, distracted adult that has seen many rainbows, or to an adult who can still access their child-like wonder and deep appreciation of simple things.

When I was a kid, I experienced such joy in playing with notebooks and all the accessories related to them – colorful pens, smooth mechanical pencils, cute little stickers, pink erasers with that unique smell, plastic pen pouches filled with gel and floating glitter. I still feel a similar joy today. While I very much appreciate my electronic gadgets – I’m writing on one now – I still carry a paper notebook with me every day. I use it to organize my adult responsibilities, to plot and plan, but also to draw and wonder and dream.

In 2010, when I started Kiddy Qualia, I wanted to share my love of paper notebooks with others who felt the same joy. I had been making rainbow planner paper for myself & decided to open an Etsy shop with my colorful pages. That same year, I went back to school for philosophy, and thought it would be fun to have a philosophy term in my shop’s name – one that represented the youthful mindset of my business. Kiddy Qualia is about big kids getting things done & enjoying the process!